Pro Trader Course

The Pro Trader course a comprehensive training program. It is designed to provide traders with all of the knowledge and tools they will need to be a professional trader. In the Pro Trader Course we cover everything from basic structure and market harmonics to advanced pattern recognition, Fibonacci analysis, trader psychology, strategy development, back-testing, money management, trade plan development, and much more. All of the training content is downloadable so you own it for life, and there is no time component to the course so you can take your time and work through the material at your own pace. 

The Course has been broken up into three phases. Each phase builds on the one before it and is designed to increase your skill, knowledge and discipline as a trader. 


The Program Format


Phase 1: Laying the Foundation

In phase 1 we start out laying the foundation of structure analysis and psychology. Regardless of your starting point, this phase is designed to build you up and and prepare you for the advanced training ahead.

Week 1

  • Section 1: Introduction Getting Started
  • Section 2: Intro to Structure


Week 2

  • Section 3: Critical Thinking & RAS
  • Section 4: Basic Patterns
  • Section 5: Progression of a Learned Skill


Week 3

  • Section 6: NAC
  • Section 7: RSI & Divergence
  • Section 8: Trade State Management
  • Section 9: 'StratLab' (Concepts of Strategy Design)

Phase 2: Fibonacci & Ratio Analysis

In Phase 2 we build on the foundational training we did in Phase 1 and dive into the complex, yet lucrative, area of Fibonacci and ratio analysis. You’ll be amazed out quickly you pick up the skill of ratio trading now that you’ve spent the time to learn the skills covered in Phase 1.

You will also learn to write and test your own trading plan. This section alone is worth your entire investment in the course.

Week 4

  • Section 10: An Introduction to Fibonacci
  • Section 11: Trading as Mental Warfare


Week 5

  • Section 12: Combining Ratios & Structure
  • Section 13: Understanding ATR
  • Section 14: Trade Plan Development
  • Section 15: Backtesting


Week 6

  • Section 16: Goal Setting
  • Section 17: 'StratLab' (Strategy Design)

Phase 3: Advanced Pattern & Ratio Analysis

Phase 3 is the final stage of your journey. With the new skills you’ve learned during the first month and a half in the course we now move on to advanced pattern analysis where you’ll learn how to identify and trade some of the most complex pattern in the market including Gartley, Butterfly, Bat and Crab patterns.

In this phase we also cover Money Management. Which is a critical tool of the successful traders' arsenal.

Week 7

  • Section 18: Advanced Patterns
  • Section 19: Money Management


Week 8

  • Section 21: 'StratLab' (Advanced Strategy Design)


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Here's what our clients are saying...


“I've been training with Jason for the last 90 days and that journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.  If you're thinking of singing up, I can only recommend that you do it. The course can easily pay for itself in the 90 days - it did for me. If you're serious about trading look no further.”

John C.  Course Graduate

“Everybody in the Forex market knows the saying "only 10% of traders make money thanks to 90% of the losers.” I was part of the second bunch...until I discovered the Pro Trader Course from Jason. I highly recommend this course to any serious trader who wants to become successful in this 

Marc H. Course Graduate

“You're training has been incredible!! I signed up with the goal of getting this business a jump start, as I am a new trader and have not yet funded my live account. I am so glad I signed up! This has been a great boost in getting a game plan and developing a road map to success. Thank you so much
for your willingness to teach!!”

Joel G. Course Graduate


The Pro Trader Course

Pro Trader Course

One-Time Investment 
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